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Our New Church Planting Curate

Posted onApril 9, 2021 | 0 comments

We are excited to announce that the Church Planting Catalyst Team has identified a curate for our Church Planting Curacy Program. Deacon Ben Williams is soon to graduate from Beeson Seminary with an M.Div. and become a priest in the ACNA. He currently serves on staff at Christ the King Anglican Church in Birmingham, and years ago served as an elder alongside Fr. Ross here in Jackson at Christ Community Church. Ben has been married to Janie for fifteen years. They have four boys and a newborn girl. ...Keep Reading

Get Ready for the Emergence

Posted onFebruary 1, 2021 | by: Wes Gristy | 0 comments

There’s no doubt about it: 2020 was a tough year! It was as if, beginning last March, we entered into a perpetual Lent, a dark and cold winter that never seemed to end. If you recall last year’s annual meeting, we heard from those of you who had participated in our Mission Abbey Pastorates, groups that were designed to capture the hopes and dreams of those ministry opportunities we envisioned for our Mission Abbey...Keep Reading

The Latest from Immigration Services

Posted onFebruary 1, 2021 | by: Stacy Preston | 0 comments

With all the challenges of 2020, beginning a new ministry during a pandemic was a ray of light and hope during such an unprecedented time. While COVID-19 hampered the launch of All Saints Immigration Services, it did not stop us from being able to welcome the stranger into our church and assist them with their legal and immigration needs. ...Keep Reading

Rethinking Our Economics

Posted onNovember 19, 2020 | by: Wes Gristy | 0 comments

Each year around this time, we take a few weeks to reflect upon all that God has given us individually and as a church. We do this for at least two reasons: to give thanks for the great benefits we have received at his hands, and to assess how we are stewarding these gifts in ways that are pleasing to God. Typically we give attention to these well-known alliterated areas of our lives—time, talents, and treasure—because stewardship is holistic; it pertains to everything in life. As we say in our liturgy, “All things come from you, O Lord.” ...Keep Reading

Rethinking My Politics

Posted onOctober 6, 2020 | by: Wes Gristy | 0 comments

Christians in America today struggle to make sense of the relationship between politics and their faith. For some, these two issues are best kept at arms length. Faith isn't political and the church ought to stay out of politics. Nothing but trouble awaits us when Christians try to enter the political realm. ...Keep Reading

The Daily Psalm

Posted onAugust 31, 2020 | 0 comments

The Daily Psalm is an email that is sent out each day in September that includes a reflection on one of the appointed Psalms from our Daily Office Lectionary written by a parishioner at All Saints. If you'd like to receive The Daily Psalm, let Fr. Wes know....Keep Reading

Life at All Saints during COVID

Posted onAugust 17, 2020 | 0 comments

During this time of pandemic, as we experience a massive amount of change and uncertainty, and as many feel as if we are a scattered and bewildered church, we must remind ourselves that our mission remains the same: to share in the life of God for the life of the world. Deepening our life in the Trinity, our devotion to Jesus and his kingdom, our love for God and our neighbor...Keep Reading

Slowly but Surely, We Regather

Posted onJune 9, 2020 | by: Wes Gristy | 0 comments

On the Day of Pentecost, May 31, we finally began the slow process of regathering as a church for corporate worship. For the next month or so, we are offering three said Morning Prayer services (no Eucharist) at 8:30, 9:45, and 11:00 a.m. So far, things have gone extremely well, as those who decided to regather have been diligent to observe our initial guidelines for regathering that were put in place....Keep Reading

Update on Church Planting

Posted onNovember 30, 2019 | by: Chris Pope | 0 comments

Over the past year, Celeste and I have experienced the blessing of travel, some from obligation and some for enjoyment. Since moving to Jackson eight years ago, we have noticed two major changes in our travel experiences. First, it’s no fun flying anymore, although now I have an appreciation for how the animals on the Ark felt. The other, more positive change is we no longer have a problem finding an Anglican Church to attend on Sundays. There are now over 1,000 parishes in the ACNA...Keep Reading

Update on Property Development

Posted onNovember 30, 2019 | 0 comments

As we work and meet with various key players in the development of our property, we notice them inevitably making innocent comments like, “Remember that the ultimate goal in all this is to build a building,” or “At the end of the day, our goal is to build a building.” They mean no harm, of course, but we, as the church, have a responsibility to voice our reply: “With all due respect, building a building is not our ultimate goal; it’s to build the church, a people who share in the life of God for the life of the world.” Or at least we have a responsibility to remind ourselves of this in the midst of all the details and logistics entailed in such a project. A physical building is a means to an end. Let us never forget! ...Keep Reading

Coat Drive

Posted onNovember 5, 2019 | 0 comments

In conjunction with our stewardship series, All Saints is participating in a coat drive from 220 low-income students of Washington Douglas Head Start program. Please bring new or gently-used children's coats sizes infant to 8 to All Saints throughout November....Keep Reading

Living in God's Abundant Kingdom

Posted onOctober 2, 2019 | by: Jay Beavers | 0 comments

Did you know that diamonds aren’t rare? Last year, MIT produced a report estimating that there are about one quadrillion tons of diamonds hidden in the planet’s crust. That’s enough for every person currently alive to have over 130,000 tons of diamonds. Of course, it’s not in the interest of diamond mining companies to make diamonds so common because diamond companies operate according the same principle as the rest of the world, which is that scarcity increases value. ...Keep Reading

A Future Change in Our Confirmation Process

Posted onSeptember 10, 2019 | by: Wes Gristy | 0 comments

For the last few years, our bishop would make his annual episcopal visit to our church for confirmations around All Saints’ Day, and so we would include among our Fall Pastorates an Inquirers’ Pastorate for those interested in preparing for confirmation. But over the last couple of years, your clergy has realized that we need to “bulk up” our confirmation process by including more time for catechesis. So after speaking with our bishop, we have decided to change our confirmation process. ...Keep Reading

Mission Abbey Pastorates

Posted onAugust 1, 2019 | by: Wes Gristy | 0 comments

We are not building a Mission Abbey so that we can become something we have not already been, but so we can grow into more of what God has already created us to be. To say we hope to build a Mission Abbey is to say that our intention is to develop our property as an outgrowth of the mission we currently live out: “to share in the life of God for the life of the world.”...Keep Reading

Hospitality & Summer Suppers

Posted onJune 24, 2019 | by: Fr. Ross Guthrie | 0 comments

Simple Christian hospitality is a natural and effective way of building relationships in Christ. Our Summer Suppers will, once again, be an opportunity to practice and discover the riches of Christian hospitality....Keep Reading

Church Planting: Looking Ahead

Posted onJune 6, 2019 | by: Chris Pope | 0 comments

Bless the Lord! It’s been almost a year since Fr. Wes called me into his office and asked if I would be willing to lead a team of parishioners with the goal of creating a “culture of church planting” at All Saints. I never could have imagined where we would be as a church moving into the summer of 2019....Keep Reading

Update on Property Development

Posted onApril 2, 2019 | 0 comments

The mandate for All Saints is to build a church, but that doesn’t mean what you might think. Yes, together we are working toward the development of our property, but that is not our ultimate aim. As Christians, we are instead forever called to build, not a building, but a community who shares in the life of God for the life of the world....Keep Reading

What's the Latest with Church Planting?

Posted onApril 2, 2019 | 0 comments

Since our Parish Forum on Church Planting on January 16, the Church Planting Catalyst Team has been developing a strategy and a timeline for some initial efforts directed toward reaching out to the unchurched. Be on the lookout for more updates and various opportunities for you to get involved....Keep Reading

Phase One: the Nave

Posted onApril 2, 2019 | 0 comments

For several years now, the increasing need for space has become more and more evident. The strain of our current building and the possibilities of the property on which it rests have become topics of conversation. The need to build a building has seemed an easy and obvious next step....Keep Reading

Update on Church Planting

Posted onFebruary 4, 2019 | 0 comments

I hope you were able to attend our Parish Forum on Church Planting on January 16. Chris Pope did an excellent job unpacking the journey the Church Planting Catalyst Team has been on for the last six months. You can always listen to his presentation online at our church website, under sermons. Some of the highpoints include the following:...Keep Reading

Stewardship Season 2018

Posted onNovember 1, 2018 | by: Wes Gristy | 0 comments

Stewardship is about all of life, which also includes how we each contribute to the life of All Saints with our time, talent, and treasure. All members and regular attendees received a letter asking you to prayerfully consider what you will pledge to All Saints in 2019 in terms of your time, talent, and treasure. We ask that you return these pledge forms and service sheets to the church on or before Sunday, November 18, which is our Pledge Ingathering Day. And since this pledge-based budget process is new for some of our people, below are some of the more frequently asked questions (FAQ) about how our system works....Keep Reading

All Saints Mission Abbey

Posted onAugust 30, 2018 | by: Wes Gristy | 0 comments

To say we hope to build a “Mission Abbey” is to say that our intention is to develop our property as an outgrowth of our mission “to share in the life of God for the life of the world.” The word "abbey" suggests a community devoted to the contemplative tradition, spiritual formation......Keep Reading

Church Planting Catalyst Team

Posted onAugust 3, 2018 | by: Wes Gristy | 0 comments

The Vestry is thrilled to announce the formation and first participants of the Church Planting Catalyst Team! This team exists to help All Saints fulfill its Christian mission of planting churches by giving energy to and catalyzing church planting efforts. The team’s work will consist of prayer, study and assessment, recommendation, encouragement, and communication. Here are the members of its first class....Keep Reading

Immigration Law Training

Posted onJune 4, 2018 | by: Stacy Preston | 0 comments

Did you know that nearly one in every six persons within the United States is an immigrant? With nearly 43 million immigrants in our country, All Saints has recently discovered a unique opportunity to serve and minster to this vulnerable population in the Jackson area....Keep Reading

Update on Church Planting

Posted onMarch 6, 2018 | by: Wes Gristy | 0 comments

Every church you’ve ever been a part of was once a church plant. And All Saints is no exception. Fourteen years ago, a group of thirty-plus people committed themselves to one another in the Anglican tradition, and a church was planted. Fourteen years later, miracle after miracle, God has grown this church to a place where we’re now making disciples of almost 300 people. Church planting and making disciples—they go together....Keep Reading

Update on Property Development

Posted onMarch 6, 2018 | by: Wes Gristy | 0 comments

Over the last few months, the Vestry has been prayerfully exploring how to best proceed with the development of our property. Typically, churches form an oversight committee that bears the full responsibility of the project from start to finish. However, the more the Vestry investigated the kinds of skills and gifts that will be required along the way, the more they began to realize that a more flexible approach was needed....Keep Reading

Bishop's Well

Posted onFebruary 21, 2018 | by: Wes Gristy | 0 comments

Beginning on February 18, All Saints will be participating in the 2018 Bishop's Well Project. For forty days during Lent, we are encouraging everyone to save their spare change to help save lives in Africa. At the end of the project, money collected will be sent to help dig wells for children and families in Africa who lack clean water....Keep Reading

Moving Forward: Reflections on the Parish Forum

Posted onSeptember 26, 2017 | by: Wes Gristy | 0 comments

If you happened to miss our Parish Forum on Wednesday, August 23, allow me to recap for you the high points of what was shared and discussed. The purpose of this forum was threefold: to inform the parish of the process by which we as a Vestry are moving forward in stewarding our growth; to call the church to make this pivotal season we share a matter of prayer; and to solicit the wisdom of the parish about the process and our priorities. ...Keep Reading

Parish Forum: One Year Later

Posted onJuly 31, 2017 | by: Wes Gristy | 0 comments

I find it hard to believe it’s been one year since we took the leap into two Sunday services. If you recall, this decision was the culmination of an eight-month-long process where we as a parish reconnected with our mission and rearticulated those aspects of our personality we wanted to stay alive to especially as our family continues to grow in number. As our Vestry facilitated this process, you played an integral role in helping us identify, articulate, and flesh out these defining aspects of our church....Keep Reading

40 Days with St. Ignatius

Posted onJune 7, 2017 | by: Fr. Ross Guthrie | 0 comments

This past Lenten season, I walked with a group of people through a 40- Day Stay-At-Home Retreat. We based our experience on St. Ignatius of Loyola's The Spiritual Exercises. Simply put, it is a series of meditations on the life of Jesus: his Incarnation, teaching, death, burial, resurrection, ascension, reign in glory, gift of the Holy Spirit, and bodily return....Keep Reading

Provincial Assembly 2017

Posted onMarch 3, 2017 | 0 comments

Assembly 2017 will draw Anglicans from across North America and the world. The conference will include worship, plenary speakers, and workshops. There will even be unique tracks for youth, church planting, worship arts, prayer ministry, and more!...Keep Reading

Support JACOA

Posted onFebruary 1, 2017 | 0 comments

The Holy Spirit is moving at JACOA, which stands for the Jackson Area Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependency. JACOA works to provide the highest quality of care to those who are suffering from substance use disorders or co-occurring mental health disorders in an environment that preserves and promotes the dignity of each client....Keep Reading

Epiphany Book Clubs

Posted onJanuary 3, 2017 | 0 comments

Our church is filled with people who love to read, but too often we find ourselves reading alone, wishing we had others with whom we could discuss our thoughts. As a step toward creating a community that reads, thinks, and converses, together, we are offering a variety of different book clubs during the season of Epiphany. Each will be facilitated by a different person, will read a different book, and will meet at a different time and place. If you’re able, be sure to sign up for one of them and enjoy the conversation. Here are the groups that are being offered....Keep Reading

Kitchen Supplies for Refugees

Posted onDecember 5, 2016 | 0 comments

During the season of Advent, our Youth and Children's Ministries will be collecting kitchen items to donate to refugee families who have been resettled in Memphis, TN. Many of these families are from Burma, the Congo, Somalia, Syria, and Iraq. They have left their homes in the hope of finding safety here in Tennessee. We want to welcome them to our country and show them that we care about their situation, remembering always that our Savior Jesus Christ was once a refugee in need of sanctuary (Matthew 2:13-23). We will take all collected items to World Relief in early January, during the season of Epiphany (the season when we remember Christ's refugee status). Please consider giving generously to this worthy cause!...Keep Reading

Stewardship Series: "Generous Living"

Posted onOctober 2, 2016 | by: Ben Mehr | 0 comments

Our Stewardship Series begins on Sunday, October 16, marking the time of year when we as a church focus our thoughts and prayers on our pledges to All Saints for 2017. It is also a time for reflection on how our monies have been used over the past year and how blessed we are at All Saints. Our slogan for the series this year is "Generous Living," which describes the kind of lives we want to steward for God's kingdom....Keep Reading

Making the Move to Two Sunday Services

Posted onAugust 31, 2016 | by: Wes Gristy | 0 comments

Since the start of the new year, the vestry has been exploring what it means to be good stewards of our ongoing growth. Above all, it means remaining faithful to our mission: to share in the life of God for the life of the world....Keep Reading

Offering Prayer at JACOA

Posted onAugust 31, 2016 | 0 comments

At my ordination as a deacon, the bishop gave me a charge to work with my brothers and sisters in Christ to search "for the sick, the poor, and the helpless, that they may be relieved." Each Wednesday, we find them at JACOA, an alcohol and drug dependency treatment facility here in Jackson that serves West Tennessee....Keep Reading

Parish Forum on Two Services

Posted onAugust 1, 2016 | by: Wes Gristy | 0 comments

As God continues to bless All Saints with more people, no doubt you've felt our walls close in a bit tighter. Our church is full of life, but it's also feeling a bit cramped! Such growth is exciting to be a part of, but it does raise the question of how we are to be good stewards of it....Keep Reading

Gardens R Us

Posted onMay 2, 2016 | by: David Knack | 0 comments

On a sunny Saturday, the weeds that had grown all winter were removed and new plants made their home in St. Patrick's Place. Last year, All Saints donated over $300 of organic produce to the Jackson Harvest Share, and we hope to do even more this year. ...Keep Reading

Lent: The Path of Life

Posted onFebruary 3, 2016 | by: Wes Gristy | 0 comments

Over the last few months, our church calendar has led us to anticipate and prepare for the coming of our King during Advent, and then to celebrate his humble arrival during Christmas, and then finally to gaze at the light of Jesus' kingdom ministry during Epiphany. But as each of the four accounts of the Gospel attest, something significant happens at some point during Jesus' ministry when he begins to turn his face toward Jerusalem and the looming fate that awaits him there: "When the days drew near for him to be taken up, he set his face to go to Jerusalem" (Luke 9:51). As the Gospel reveals, the path of life is through the cross. ...Keep Reading

Welcome Our New Pastor of Spiritual Formation

Posted onJanuary 4, 2016 | 0 comments

Ross Guthrie has been a follower of Jesus Christ for over thirty years. He was not raised in a Christian home. Growing up, he did not go to church except for more than a handful of times with his grandmother. He began attending a Southern Baptist church in Pinckneyville, Illinois when he was sixteen. ...Keep Reading

Planting Anglican Churches in Chicago

Posted onNovember 9, 2015 | by: Danny Linton | 0 comments

I have felt the desire to do ministry since I was a child, and over the last several years I've followed that call in various ways. During my time as an undergraduate student at Union, I studied Biblical Languages during the year and did ministry each summer....Keep Reading

Rector Emeritus

Posted onSeptember 30, 2015 | by: Wes Gristy | 0 comments

It's hard to believe that it's been over a year since Fr. Chuck Filiatreau retired as All Saints' first rector. We are incredibly blessed to have him and his wife, Gretchen, continue to be a part of our parish. As a way to honor his presence among us and in order to better communicate with our newer folks that our former rector still serves among us, we plan to give Fr. Chuck the official title of Rector Emeritus on Sunday, October 11. This will also be the first Sunday since his retirement that he'll preach God's Word to us. We hope that you can join us....Keep Reading

It's All a Gift

Posted onSeptember 30, 2015 | by: Ben Mehr | 0 comments

It's that time of year for our emphasis on stewardship to be brought to our attention. While this always presents us with the annual opportunity to reassess our monetary contributions, this is only a part of what stewardship means. A biblical definition of stewardship is "utilizing and managing all resources God provides us for the glory of God and the betterment of his creation." That's why the theme of our stewardship series this year is this: "It's all a gift."...Keep Reading

Adoption Support and Preservation

Posted onAugust 31, 2015 | 0 comments

We're blessed to be able to offer our facilities to the Adoption Support and Preservation (ASAP) program of West Tennessee. They will be meeting every second Monday evening of the month from 6:00 to 7:30. The meetings are open to the public, and anyone from All Saints interested in learning more or even volunteering can attend. Here's a little bit more about ASAP from Mallory Morris. ...Keep Reading

Reflections on Our Summer Mission to Honduras

Posted onJuly 29, 2015 | by: David Laird | 0 comments

"If they can see your eyes, they know that you care." (Dr. Rev. Ravi Zacharias) This is true throughout the mission field. Since 1998, All Saints parishioners have had a relationship with Suzy McCall and The LAMB Institute. That relationship has grown over the last 17 years. ...Keep Reading

The Bread of Heaven

Posted onJuly 29, 2015 | by: Wes Gristy | 0 comments

For the month of August, our lectionary takes us into the Bread of Life Discourse in John 6, which occurs immediately after the miraculous feeding of the five thousand. As we reflect upon the provoking words of Jesus in this passage each Sunday, we are not only prompted to move more eagerly toward him for our daily sustenance, but we also get to explore more deeply the wonders of the Eucharist....Keep Reading

New Assistant Student Pastor

Posted onMay 28, 2015 | 0 comments

We're thrilled to announced that David Knack has been hired to serve as All Saints' new Assistant Student Pastor. Didn't know that we were looking for an Assistant Student Pastor? Well, neither did we, exactly! As Fr. Brian's role continues to grow, we've definitely been open to help. And then along came David, and we quickly recognized his talents and giftedness....Keep Reading

We Support CASA

Posted onFebruary 16, 2015 | 0 comments

There is a crisis in our community in which the basic rights and needs of our most vulnerable citizens-our children-are being violated because the very system that is supposed to be looking out for them simply does not have the resources to do so. If I sound passionate, it's because I am. If I sound angry with the system, it's because I am. And I submit that you should be too....Keep Reading

Gifts for the Christ Child

Posted onDecember 8, 2014 | by: Ali Holcomb | 0 comments

It’s hard for me to believe that Christmas is right around the cornerâ€"again! In this season of Advent, we are given so many opportunities to honor Christ. For the past several years, we have had the opportunity to be a part of God’s generosity through the “Gifts for the Christ Child” Christmas tree. The Salvation Army provides children’s names that are hung from the tree in our foyer. There will be 45 names to choose from, and gifts will be collected through December 21. We encourage everyone to signup and buy gifts for a child....Keep Reading

We Support the Ministry of ARM!

Posted onNovember 25, 2014 | 0 comments

Area Relief Ministries, or ARM, is a faith-based nonprofit organization that has been around since the 1970s here in Jackson. Originally created as a collaboratively-funded nonprofit, churches across the community would give to the organization, which was then tasked with assisting individuals at risk of eviction, utility cut-off, hunger, and homelessness. Over thirty years later, much has changed at ARM, but its collaborative nature with local churches as the core has not only remained, but also grown even stronger. ...Keep Reading

Advent 2014

Posted onNovember 3, 2014 | by: Wes Gristy | 0 comments

The liturgical calendar tells the Christian story by marking certain moments and seasons that enable us to feel the rhythms of our salvation. Like any good story, it begins with conflict, a crisis in search of a resolution. We call this conflict Advent....Keep Reading

Heifer International

Posted onNovember 3, 2014 | by: Celecia Osborne | 0 comments

Heifer International provides sustainable hope for communities around the world by partnering with local families to empower them to achieve their goals of self-reliance. Using the philosophy of “teach a man to fish,” the founder of this organization inspires the mission of aiding people to utilize local, natural resources in such ways that help to alleviate hunger and poverty. The methods used create countless opportunities for individuals to care for the Earth, allow for human dignity, and foster community....Keep Reading

Stewardship 2014

Posted onOctober 30, 2014 | by: Wes Gristy | 0 comments

What is stewardship but an invitation to partner with the God of heaven and earth in his transforming work of world renewal. Think about that: God himself is beckoning you to join him, to give yourself to the healing of the world....Keep Reading

Introducing Ali Holcomb

Posted onAugust 31, 2014 | 0 comments

Hi! I’m Ali Holcomb, and I’ll be All Saints’ social work intern for the next year (through April). I’d like to share a few things about myself and explain my purpose at the church. I’m from Northwest Arkansas, and I’ve lived in Jackson for the last four years....Keep Reading

Holy Week and Easter

Posted onApril 7, 2014 | by: Wes Gristy | 0 comments

Holy Week is the last week of Lent leading up to the climax of the Christian year when we commemorate the resurrection of Jesus on Easter. There are many opportunities here at All Saints for your to prepare for and celebrate our risen Lord this Easter season....Keep Reading

Announcement of Next Rector

Posted onNovember 28, 2013 | 0 comments

The Vestry voted unanimously to call Wesley Adam Gristy to be the second Rector of All Saints at a called meeting on November 9, 2013. The call was extended to Wes on November 11 and he has accepted. At the direction and recommendation of Bishop Atwood, Fr. Wes will become a Co-Rector alongside Fr. Chuck on January 1, and they will serve together in that capacity until Fr. Chuck’s retirement on June 30, 2014....Keep Reading

Remembering Archbishop Gitari

Posted onOctober 4, 2013 | by: Bishop Bill Atwood | 0 comments

Archbishop David Gitari, the retired Primate of the Anglican Church of Kenya (ACK) died Monday at 2:10 pm. He was 76. Gitari was one of those larger than life figures. He was absolutely courageous, brilliant, and committed to the implications of the Gospel in everyday life. He was marked for death by government hit squads and three times had to escape in the middle of the night when they came to kill him. One of the times, he escaped through the roof of his house and slipped into the jungle....Keep Reading

Spring Pastorates

Posted onMarch 7, 2013 | by: Wes Gristy | 0 comments

Our Spring Pastorates meet every other Wednesday evening from 6:00 to 8:00 p.m. for five meetings beginning April 3. We have four groups available for adults this semester....Keep Reading

New Website!

Posted onJanuary 27, 2013 | by: Wes Gristy | 0 comments

Welcome to All Saints Anglican Church's new-and-improved presence on this thing called the Internet! Have a look around, kick the tires, and let us know what you think....Keep Reading