Welcome to All Saints!

We hope you'll consider joining us on a Sunday morning for worship. Here is a little of what you can expect while you are on campus. 

Parking & Welcome

Parking is available on the west and south sides of our buildings. There are four handicap spots available near the entrances.

As you approach the building, you'll be welcomed by one of our greeters or staff/clergy members who will help you with anything you need. If you're worried about how to dress, our parishioners' dress ranges from casual to suit and tie.

Formation Hour - Sundays at 8:45 AM

This is an opportunity for us to gather together before our worship service for an hour of spiritual formation. Our hope is that we will utilize this time to slow down and prepare ourselves to encounter God through an hour of community, learning, and prayer. This consists of four groupings: Nursery, the Atrium for children ages 4-11, Youth Formation, and Adult Formation. 

Holy Eucharist - Sundays at 10:00 AM

What unites Anglicans more than anything else is their common worship. At All Saints, our Sunday worship is a gathering of broken people intent on ascribing worth to God: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Guided by our liturgy and common prayer, we journey together through the hearing of God's Word to the culminating act of the Eucharist (Communion) when Christ reveals himself to us in the breaking of bread.

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Children's Check-In

If you have children, you can check them in upon upon your arrival. If you are joining us for the Formation Hour, children ages 4-11 (PreK-5th Grade) will be dropped off in the Parish Hall and children ages 0-3 will be dropped off in our nursery rooms in the Nave. If you are joining us for the service only, check-in of nursery age children will happen in the Narthex before entering the service.


At the check-in desk, a volunteer will collect some quick information from you to register your child(ren). The children will then get a nametag and the parents will be given a security tag. Make sure to hold onto this as you'll need to turn it in upon picking up your littles for security purposes. Click Here to read more about our children's formation.


New to Anglican Worship?

If you're new to Anglican worship, you can expect to hear Scripture read and preached, to be guided in prayer, and to receive Communion if you desire. At times, you will see some people making certain gestures like the sign of the cross, bowing, or kneeling during prayer. Keep in mind that there is no expectation for you to mimic these actions unless you find them meaningful. Overall, our hope is that, as you take a closer look, you would discover deep significance behind the symbols and ritual; as you listen more attentively, you would hear an unexpected richness in the prayers; and as you fully engage in worship, you would encounter the living God. To learn more about the meaning behind our worship, click here.