Bible Study Guides
Exodus 32:1, 7–14
Isaiah 53:4–12
Mark 9:30–37
Luke 16:19–31; 18:9–14
John 16:5–15; 21:1–14
Acts 13:44–52; 16:16–34
1 Corinthians 2:6–16
Colossians 3:1–4
Hebrews 13:1–8
James 1:17–27
Revelation 21:1–6a

Class Notes for 3 Quick-and-Easy Ways to Abuse Scripture
  (1) To Treat the Bible Like Something It's Not
  (2) To Read the Bible As If It Were Written to Us
  (3) To Take a Passage or Two Out of Context

Class Notes for Living in the Season of Pentecost: The Spirit Life in Acts
(1) An Introduction to Acts and the Spirit Life
  (2) What the Church in Acts Did through the Spirit
  (3) What the Church in Acts Said through the Spirit

Class Notes for The Story of the Bible
 (1) The Bible as God's Story
  (2) Act One: Creation
  (3) Act Two: The Curse
  (4) Act Three: The Covenant
  (5) Act Four: The Christ
  (6) Act Five: The Church
  (7) Act Six: New Creation
  (8) Living God's Story Today

Overview of the Book of Common Prayer 2019
Session 1: Introduction and Holy Eucharist (audio)
  Session 2: The Daily Office and Psalter (audio)
  Session 3: Pastoral Rites and Other Highlights (audio)

Anglican Resources
  The Anglican Appeal  
  Instructed Eucharist
  On the Book of Common Prayer
  A Synopsis on the Sacraments
  Two Salvation Narratives
  Calvinism and Anglicanism
  The Apostles' Creed
  The Nicene Creed
  Brief Anglican History
  Family Compline

The Feast of St. Nicholas

International Diocese Policy Manual for the Protection of Children

   A Sacramental Yearning That Millennials Are Craving
   Breastfeeding and the Eucharist 
   Why Millennials Long for Liturgy
   Young Evangelicals Are Getting High
   Why Millennials Are Leaving the Church
   Why Anglicanism: A Still-Vibrant Anicent Faith by Winfield Bevins
   Why Anglicanism: A Global Faith by Winfield Bevins
   Why Anglicanism: A Praying Faith by Winfield Bevins
   Why Be Anglican? Intro—Scot McKnight
   Why Be Anglican? Worship—Scot McKnight
   Why Be Anglican? Lectionary—Scot McKnight
   Why Be Anglican? Prayers of the People—Scot McKnight

But What about Baptism?   
   Caught in a Sacred Moment
   More than "I Believe"
   The Sacraments and the Mission of the Church
Unpacking the Apostles' Creed

Scot McKnight—Anglican and New Testament Scholar—on the Eucharist and Church Calendar
   Four short videos by James K. A. Smith on Desiring the Mission

Recommended Reading

AWCOVERThe Anglican Way by Thomas McKenzie






Beyond-Smells-and-Bells-Galli-Mark-9781557255211Beyond Bells & Smells by Mark Galli






Accidental book coverThe Accidental Anglican by Todd Hunter 






heritage cover.JPGOur Anglican Heritage by John W. How and Sam C. Pascoe






canterbury bookEvangelicals on the Canterbury Trail by Robert Webber