Our Pastorates

Due to COVID, our Pastorates are temporarily suspended. Instead, we regularly offer a variety of different groups you can participate in. Join a Group.

What Is a Pastorate?

A Pastorate is a gathering of anywhere from 8 to 25 people who meet in people's homes during the week for fellowship, discussion, and prayer. They typically last about two hours. There are usually two semesters when Pastorates occur, one during Lent and another in the Fall.

When Are the Next Pastorates and How Can I Get Involved?

As we “share in the life of God” together through our worship, prayer, and various spiritual practices, we must remember that our formation as a church is always for a purpose: to unleash God’s love into our broken world. Our Pastorates in the Fall semester are geared toward ministry efforts. Instead of viewing them as study groups, view them more like ministry teams, each one exploring and putting into practice ways in which we as a church can give ourselves “for the life of the world.” And then during Lent in the spring, our Pastorates are geared toward working on various spiritual practices together. 

What about My Children?

Many of our Pastorates welcome children to participate. Some of our Pastorates are specifically geared toward families. Others parents simply arrange for their own childcare. If you need help, please contact Fr. Wes.