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"More of the Story" speaks to our church's desire to move forward in a way that is faithful to our story thus far. Fifteen years ago, God birthed All Saints Anglican Church as a small group of people met together, prayed together, and asked the question, "What is the Sprit doing among us and how should we respond?" 

Fostering this ongoing posture a discernment has been the motor that has allowed our church to be led by the Spirit, led to serve and grow together, to purchase a building together, call a Rector, find episcopal oversight, launch new ministries, identify our Mission & Personality, transition to two services, and more recently, decide to develop our property and pursue church planting at the same time.

This discernment process has taken many twists and turns, and so far, it has led us to this present moment, on the cusp of building a Mission Abbey. Mission Abbey is how we answer the question, How do we develop our property and pursue church planting in a way that is faithful to our Mission & Personality? Answer: we build a Mission Abbey (read more here).

The first phase of our Mission Abbey will be its central piece, the Nave, which will include a narthex, a hospitality area, a nursery, bathrooms, bathrooms, the worship space, and behind it a sacristry and vesting rooms. Right now, the Nave is designed to be a little over 15,000 square feet, holding around 350 people. The projected cost of the project is somewhere in the $3 million range, which includes site development, two new parking lots, and all the furnishings and equipment.

Back in March of 2020, we stood on the cusp of finally breaking ground, but then the COVID crisis began, presenting our leadership with good reason to reevaluate the timing for moving forward. Many of you have already fulfilled or begun to fulfill your pledge, and so out of a desire to be wise stewards of these current and incoming gifts, we believe it is the prudent choice to actively wait on breaking ground for our Mission Abbey.

Please know we remain wholeheartedly committed to seeing this project to completion. Right now it is difficult to say when this season of “watching and waiting” will end, but we will be looking for key indicators along the way that will signal the suitable time to move forward. As we are now over one year into our three-year pledge-giving season, we ask that you continue to meet your commitment as you deem prudent in light of your own financial situation. And if your situation has changed, please let us know so we can adjust our records.

But most importantly, trust that God loves to make messy things beautiful. Our current situation was both unexpected and unwelcomed, and yet it presents us with a new season of opportunity. What will God do during this season? How might God weave a beautiful tapestry from the threads of these seemingly unfortunate setbacks? We might not know the answers to these questions yet, but we do know that God mightily works among a people who are faithful to follow Jesus as Lord and eager to discern the Spirit’s guidance. And we will continue to do just that!

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