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It’s really unbelievable. We hired Fr. Ben Williams as our Curate for Church Planting back in June of 2021 for a two-year season of discernment, during which time we planned to use those two years to explore together whether the Holy Spirit was leading us to pursue a mother- daughter, church-planting relationship. And yet even before these two years have ended, the Lord has rooted a small group of people, nurtured and grown them into a mission congregation, so that they are reaching others with no church home, bearing enough fruit so that there is now a critical mass to launch weekly services! Thanks be to God!

If you’re in the church planting world, then you have surely heard time and time again what the number one mistake is that church planters make: launching weekly services too early. That’s because, first of all, for any church plant to succeed, a community must be developed; and forming relationships takes time. Which is why Fr. Ben and I have been hesitant to launch weekly services too soon.

But when all the trend lines are pointing in the same direction, when systems have been prepared so that volunteers are protected from the burnout that can occur with weekly services, when there is financial buy-in from the members of the plant, when a local church opens its doors to use their building for weekly services (that would be Forest Heights Methodist Church), and when your Canon for Church Planting and your Church Planting Coach both say it’s time, well then, the Spirit’s voice is loud and clear.

So mark your calendars: on Sunday, April 16 (the Sunday after Easter), All Saints will be having a dedication service geared to blessing and sending out those who are a part of Mission Saint James. Because, Lord willing, weekly services will launch at Forest Heights the very next week on Sunday, April 23 at 4:00 pm.

But remember, whether you will be attending Mission Saint James or remaining at All Saints, we are all church planters. All of us play a role in supporting this incredible work of the Spirit. And there are at least five ways that you can offer that support, and I’ve arrange them in a brilliant and memorable acronym everyone can remember—


Pray, pray, pray!

Let go of some of your money.

Attend services, especially as they get started

N-vite others.

Team up and join, if only for a season.

We believe the best way to make disciples is to plant churches. We are pursuing our mission as a church when we are planting other churches. Yes, we are grateful to be building a new building, but more importantly, we are grateful to be building God’s Church.