We Support the Ministry of ARM!

November 25, 2014 | 0 comments

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Area Relief Ministries, or ARM, is a faith-based nonprofit organization that has been around since the 1970s here in Jackson. Originally created as a collaboratively-funded nonprofit, churches across the community would give to the organization, which was then tasked with assisting individuals at risk of eviction, utility cut-off, hunger, and homelessness. Over thirty years later, much has changed at ARM, but its collaborative nature with local churches as the core has not only remained, but also grown even stronger.

Today, ARM operates three different umbrellas of services:

  • Emergency Assistance, which includes case management and follow-up for individuals who have faced a recent emergency and need help getting back on their feet with a one-time assistance voucher to JEA, dental extractions, and certain medications. 
  • Homeless & Housing Services facilitate programs from Room in the Inn and Open ARM to transitional housing and work programs including FreshSTART lawncare.
  • Finally, our Community Development Services offer an afterschool mentoring and tutoring program as well as parent counsels, community events, and more at our renovated church-turned-community center in the heart of Jackson’s Hillcrest Neighborhood; it also includes A Resilient Community (ARC), which is a partnership with the Jackson Police Department and JMCSS in which ARM workers teach students a pro-social curriculum that combats gang participation and other at-risk behaviors.

In all of our programs, know that the generous support of All Saints helps fund services that are faith based, best practice, trauma informed, strengths oriented, and collaborative. Learn more about ARM’s mission, distinctives and services at www.areareliefministries.org/mission, and consider joining us in alleviating suffering, promoting dignity, and fostering hope in our community.

Join us on Sunday, December 14 as we highlight the ministry of ARM, hearing from its Executive Director, Lisa Peoples, during the service. There will also be a booth set up in the foyer with more information about the work ARM is doing in our community.

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