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“If they can see your eyes, they know that you care.”
—Dr. Rev. Ravi Zacharias, evangelical minister and apologist

This is true throughout the mission field. Since 1998, All Saints parishioners have had a relationship with Suzy McCall and The LAMB Institute. That relationship has grown over the last 17 years. We have watched how Christ has blessed her ministry, growing each year. Suzy is aware of and follows the Lord’s direction and call. The Lord has increased her ministry beginning at the LAMB Institute, to the Children’s Home, and to her community ministries. We got to celebrate Suzy’s 25 years of ministry in the mission filed in Honduras. Christ has created and is fostering a beautiful relationship with Suzy and the Honduran people. The churches and people eagerly await this team each year.

Warmbrod in HondurasIf you get close enough to someone, you see their eyes. We have seen their eyes, and they see ours. From the youngest two on the team, George Tatum and Walker Laird, to the oldest, Alan Cherry, the medical, dental and construction teams followed the call. If you can see someone’s eyes, you are close enough to touch. The people know that you are close enough to care.

I added the photo above that captured Dr. Jim Warmbrod and a young boy whose cast was broken. Dr. Warmbrod fixed the cast. The eyes caught me, though. The sheer delight and joy present in both with the cross hanging between them. That day I saw Christ in their eyes.

Every year the team travels to get close to another person. Poverty and need are the same each year. Every parishioner of All Saints is invited each year to travel with this team to Honduras. If you feel the call, please come.

We get close enough to see each other’s eyes, close enough to touch, and close enough to care, and if we open our hearts, we see Christ in each other’s eyes. Warmbrod doing his thing!