It's All a Gift

September 30, 2015 | by: Ben Mehr | 0 comments

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gift bulletinIt’s that time of year for our emphasis on stewardship to be brought to our attention. While this always presents us with the annual opportunity to reassess our monetary contributions, this is only a part of what stewardship means. A biblical definition of stewardship is “utilizing and managing all resources God provides us for the glory of God and the betterment of his creation.” That’s why the theme of our stewardship series this year is this: “It’s all a gift.”

The people of God steward their faith and work toward this common goal of God’s kingdom. The people of All Saints are a prime example of this stewardship. Of course, we need to be humble, but it is amazing to me how much work our church does with their time and faith. A few things come to mind: our outreach to the needs of this community, to family and youth, to a host of non-profits, and to the mission field abroad, not to mention our care for one another.

However this level of outreach takes time and money. Beginning on Sunday, October 18, our stewardship series will give us all the opportunity to pray and make plans on what we can give to support these avenues of outreach for 2016. Everything we have comes from God—it’s all a gift. How will you steward this gift?

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