Sunday Services

Quick Links for Sunday, January 17

Holy Eucharist

We offer two Holy Eucharist services at 9:00 and 10:30 am on Sundays. For those who choose to stay home, we hope you will join a live feed of the 9:00 am service and follow along with the copy of the bulletin that is provided via email and on our website.

Since we began regathering as a church, we have been ever-mindful that indoor gatherings are a high-risk environment for the transmission of the coronavirus. This is why we have been regathering in phases while cautiously lagging behind the transitions made by our local government and even other churches. We are so encouraged by how everyone has been careful to follow our regathering guidelines as we’ve adjusted to a different corporate worship experience.

Currently, we are offering bread-only Eucharist. We have been in consultation with our bishop and other Anglican churches in terms of how to offer Communion in the safest way possible. Here are a few of the key changes you can anticipate in how we will administer Communion:

  • The wafers will be covered on the altar while the presider prays the Great Thanksgiving.

  • Instead of the people coming forward to receive Communion, the priests will distribute the bread to people as they remain seated with their masks on.

  • The priest will be masked as he administers the bread to each person.

  • Once everyone has been given bread, the congregation will be instructed to lift up their masks so that we can all partake of the Body of Christ together at the same time. 

We will continue to assess these restrictions as we prayerfully consider both care for our neighbor as well as the importance of our corporate worship. Our other regathering guidelines continue to be in place, the essentials of which are listed below:

  • Households sit together, keeping six feet of distance from others, and masks continue to be required inside the building.

  • Since the nursery and Children’s Church are not yet offered, please do your best to keep your children close at all times.

  • At this point, there is still no singing in the service, though after the service we typically go outside to sing the doxology together.