Our Youth

Sundays for Youth

Besides participating with their families in All Saints' regular Sunday worship services, the youth also meet most Sunday evenings from 6:00–8:00 p.m. for fellowship and Bible study. These meetings provide an opportunity for students ages 11–18 to grow in their relationship with Christ and one another as they learn about the Bible and its significance for everyday life. New folks are always welcome! We typically meet at a different restaurant each week. For more information, email Fr. Brian Larsen Wells.

Parents and Adult Volunteers

Our ministry to youth relies heavily on the dedication of its volunteers. Our safe church policy requires that at least two adults be present at any event involving children under the age of eighteen. However, for added supervision, we like to ensure that we have a ratio of at least one adult for every 10 students. To meet this goal, we seek the aid of adult volunteers who are eager to connect with students and who would like to help them grow in their faith. Adult volunteers primarily serve as chaperones for youth group meetings and special events, but they also assist in behind-the-scenes roles.  Special training is available for all new volunteers and is required of all current volunteers annually.

At present, All Saints has over 70 people trained in our International Diocese Policy Manual for the Protection of Children.  That means that 1 in 3 people at the church is trained and aware of how to protect children from incidents of neglect or abuse.  We are proud to have such an amazingly prepared and dutiful congregation--we as a church clearly value the safety of our young people!

If you are the parent of a youth or are an interested congregant twenty years or older, and you would like to know how you can be more involved in the Youth Ministry at All Saints, please contact Fr. Brian Larsen Wells.

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Check the Calendar and the Latest News for other upcoming youth events.