COVID Response


All services and ministry programs for All Saints have been canceled through the end of April, when things will be reassessed. See this letter to the Parish sent out on March 17. See also this statement from Archbishop Foley Beach sent on March 18.

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As we grieve the temporary loss of our in-person services and activities, our prayer is that we will view this season as an opportunity to be present to those we care most about and to offer support and reassurance to those around us who are looking for security and hope. We are not trapped, but are making a choice to fast from certain liberties in order to serve those in our circle of influence.

Here are some suggestions for taking advantage of this opportunity that, as usual, are in line with our church’s Mission & Personality:

Healing Hospitality

  • Melinda Jordan, our Vestry member over Pastoral Care, is helping to form a Care Network that will regularly call and check in with All Saints parishioners who are alone and disconnected, vulnerable, or in need of groceries or other basic supplies. Please email her if you'd like to assist, or if you're in need.
  • Who else can you check on? Other parishioners? Neighbors? Co-workers? You can be a light to others in a time of darkness!

The Church as Family

  • Make sure you're on Fr. Brian's email list if you'd like to receive communication about ideas and resources for how to be more intentional in creating formative and loving activities with your family.
  • Download and utilize with your children Family Curriculum for this Sunday's readings on April 12 (ages 3–6, ages 7–11).
  • We are providing several resources to assist you as you talk with your family about Jesus sacrifice on the cross this Lent, including this video for observing the Way of the Cross (.pdf version), as well as a Children's Way of the Cross that you and your family can utilize with younger ones.
  • We have also created a version of Evening Prayer that can be used by families with young children.  If you prefer, the Lutheran Church has produced a fantastic Family Devotional that we encourage you to try--thanks to our brothers and sister in Christ!
  • On Sundays and Wednesdays, consider observing this service of Spiritual Communion with your family. If you are missing musical worship, we recommend Keith and Kristen Getty's website and Facebook page, as well as Andrew Peterson's resources on Lent and Easter.
  • If you are home schooling for the first time, we know that weeks ahead may prove to be a difficult adjustment. There are many in our congregation with a wealth of teaching experience, both inside and outside the home. Contact Fr. Brian or Caroljeanne Phillips for more information. We recommend the West Tennessee Home Schooling Group as a reliable source of support and information.  If your children need creative outlets for their energy, there is now an online Jackson creative arts "clubhouse" for children 5+, led by Rebecca Edgren.  The clubhouse includes daily prompts which challenge students to exercise their artistic ingenuity, from building with blocks, to writing stories, to taking pictures, and students can share their creations with one another on the webpage. For other helpful online supports, try this list of resources. Finally, Amazon's Audible offers several free resources for family education that you may want to consider!
  • The church building is stocked with an abundance of construction paper, scissors, crayons, markers, glue, water colors paints, acrylic paints, boom whackers, and other supplies that you may find useful as you work with children at home. We will be employing a "Check-out" system for art supplies and the like, provided that there is no one sick in your home and provided that proper sanitization procedures are used on pick-up and drop-off of borrowed items. Contact Fr. Brian for more details.
  • And while there is no substitute for a good walk in God's creation, regular exercise, human contact, or the appreciation of beautiful works of art in person, we are blessed to live in an age when so much of the world is available to us online. Consider exploring our National Parks online or virtually visiting these museums and libraries with your family.

Spiritual Formation in the Anglican Way

  • We first encourage you to continue your observance of Lent: prayer, fasting, reading your Pastorate books, etc.
  • Consider utilizing with your family this Easter Sunday bulletin for April 12. You can either have someone in your family lead the service (preferred) or follow along while listening to the audio. Sunday homilies can be found here (our latest homilies will be uploaded by Saturday evening).
  • Pray, pray, pray for the COVID-19 Pandemic and for our Parish's needs (Prayer List for April 12).
  • This season could also be a perfect opportunity for you to learn to pray the Daily Office. Check out this online tool for practicing the Daily Office, or listen or watch Fr. Brian lead various Daily Office and other services here.
  • Finally, learn what our sister churches around the Province are doing by observing services livestreamed from around the country. Visit the ACNA Livestream Page for more information and to find a service right for you and your family.

Heart for Service

  • See these next few weeks as a missional opportunity. Use your time, gifts, and passions to serve the community.
  • For instance, start a prayer network; create a crisis response team to serve the needs of the most vulnerable in your neighborhood; if you’re a teacher, consider creating an online curriculum for families, including a daily devotional; email your own prayer reflections to a set of friends.
  • Even in this time of social distancing, there are numerous opportunities to bless others for those who look outward and are creative.

Financially Generous & Responsible

  • We encourage you to continue supporting All Saints through your regular offerings and Mission Abbey commitments. We prefer that you mail checks to the office at 212 McClellan Road, 38305, but we have also made available online giving if that’s easier for you (but there is a small fee associated with this transaction).
  • Please know that we remain committed to paying our hourly employees (Parish Administrator, Nursery Staff, Family Interns, Cleaning Crew) during this time of crisis.

We do our best work as the Church when we have genuine confidence that the wisdom and love of God is constantly at work in the world. God is bringing his Kingdom to bear upon this broken world through his Church, and we are both recipients and participants in this great drama! Such is the basis for our peaceful confidence, and it enables us to see the Coronavirus as an opportunity rather than a threat.

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