5pm Groundbreaking Celebration

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  • October 10, 2021 | 5:00pm – 7:00pm
  • Location: 212 McClellan Rd, Jackson, TN 38305

Praise God that the vision he gave us over five years ago to do two things at once—develop our property and pursue church planting—is coming to fruition, as these two initiatives have merged into one overarching vision: to be a Mission Abbey.

A Mission Abbey is first a place of prayer, a place for silence and rest, study and support. We want to be a community that regularly gathers together to share in the life of God. This is the “Abbey” part of our vision.

But a Mission Abbey is also a place of service and care, equipping the saints to bear witness to Christ and his kingdom in all sorts of ways. We want to be a community that exists for the life of the world. That is the “Mission” part of our vision.

On Sunday, October 10 we celebrate an important milestone on our journey toward a Mission Abbey. We will be having a Groundbreaking Celebration at 5:00 pm with food, fellowship, prayer, and dedication. Our architect, Steve Carroll, and our general contractor, Jeff Brasfield, will be present to join us. We hope to see you as we give thanks to God for this journey that we are on together.