12pm Book Club: The Liturgy of Politics

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  • Every Thursday until November 19, 2020 | 12:00pm – 1:00pm

liturgyWho we are as a person is shaped by a number of things—our families, our backgrounds, our beliefs, and our daily routines. But when it comes to our political views, what are the things that shape us most? And what are the practices that we have assumed when it comes to thinking about our politics? This book group will explore the practices that we have consciously and unconsciously assumed when it comes to thinking about our politics. As we read The Liturgy of Politics: Spiritual Formation for the Sake of Our Neighbor, we’ll consider how the Church has historically thought about this topic and will be challenged to adopt disciplines that will inform our views on politics from a Kingdom-oriented perspective. Landon Preston will be hosting this book club on on Thursdays at noon over Zoom or lunch (if possible) staring October 22. Email him if you're interested.