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Nearly two years ago, Debbi Wagner and I sat chatting about the wholeness of the Anglican worship tradition. The way our bodies and senses and spirits get wrapped up in the music, and the reading, and the sights and smells. We talked about the way that worship becomes, in part, an offering of so many little pieces becoming the whole. She told me about how in a previous church she had involved the children in painting the glass of certain windows as a part of their offering which was then used in worship by the entire congregation. And for nearly those two years since, I’ve been staring at the large round window through which the sun hits my face this time of year while kneeling at the rail.

This past month, Debbi was gracious to agree to an experiment in tiny tissue paper squares, large sheets of plastic, and an offering of worship by the children of All Saints. From scribbles of sketches on a napkin to trial runs on plastic bags, the window piece, Waiting for the Light, is a gift from the children to God and the congregation. And it is a reminder that though the world goes not well, the kingdom comes.

Thanks to Fr. Wes and Fr. Brian for their generosity in letting us flesh out our idea, to Jake Stewart for happily dangling in the air to attach it, and to your children for their joyfulness and creativity in service. Over this Advent season, our prayer is that we can follow them in the dark by waiting for the light.