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prop dev bannerOver the last few months, the Vestry has been prayerfully exploring how to best proceed with the development of our property. Typically, churches form an oversight committee that bears the full responsibility of the project from start to finish. However, the more the Vestry investigated the kinds of skills and gifts that will be required along the way, the more they began to realize that a more flexible approach was needed.

Therefore, the Vestry decided to form a group they call the Management & Recruitment Team. While this team is committed to see this project through from start to finish, they will not be the primary decision makers. Instead, the Management & Recruitment Team is tasked to keep the property development process moving forward in a healthy way by recruiting the right people from the parish at the right time under the leadership of the Vestry.

In other words, this team will be responsible for ensuring that different people from our parish bring their unique set of skills and gifts to bear on this project for specific short-term tasks along the way. Recruitment will be a key task for this team as additional teams will be needed at various points throughout the process. Such an approach allows for more flexibility, and places less overall pressure on one team.

The Vestry is excited to announce that the following members of All Saints will form the Management & Recruitment Team.

  • Leslie Creasy (Chair)
  • Bev Carr (Vestry Liaison)
  • Jane Garrety
  • Landon Preston

This team's first task has been to recruit a Research & Interview Team that will assist them in researching and intervieing various architects and design/build firms with the aim of recommending one to the Vestry for hire. After prayer and discussion, they have selected Lynn Binkley, Jeremy Huelin, Greg Jordan, Diana Neel, and Joanna Priester to join the Research & Interview Team. These two teams have already met together to develop a plan for tackling this first task.

The Vestry anticipates making a hire sometime in the Fall if not the late Summer. In the meantime, please keep these members in your daily prayers. And if you’d like to recommend an architect or design/ build firm within about a four-hour drive, feel free to contact any of these members.

A church that is developing its property can cause both fear and excitement among its people. Fear can keep us from moving forward with the confidence that God has led us to this decision. Let us take heart in the knowledge that God is with us, and he will direct our steps along the way as long as we stay centered in his life and his will.

Excitement, on the other hand, can take our eyes off the mission God has given us. Building a building is not the mission; it is a tool for mission. So let us stay focused throughout this entire process, first and foremost, on being a community who shares in the life of God for the life of the world.