Stewardship Season: Open Hands, Open Hearts

October 4, 2017 | by: Kim Howerton | 0 comments

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All that we have is a gift from God—creation, His Word, the air that we breathe, our skills, our possessions, and our time. He places these gifts in our open and humble hands and calls us to be faithful stewards and caretakers of His kingdom. He trusts us.

Being a good steward is more than pledging a certain dollar amount or volunteering a certain number of hours. Being a good steward isn’t bound by a set time period. It is a surrendering of our hearts and acknowledging that all that we have is His. It is a daily way of life.

Stewardship living begins with giving thanks for even the smallest of blessings—the person that opens the door for you or the person that greets you with a smile. Stewardship living is founded in God’s Word. When His Word is planted in our hearts, we see the world through a brighter lens. We love more freely. We share more generously. We grow closer to God. Then with grateful and open hearts, we extend our hands to serve and bless others. We do the work He calls us to do.

As a church, stewardship is not a fundraising campaign. It is our mission. We share in the life of God for the life of the world. We gather all of our individual time, talents, and treasures and then share them generously with the world. God calls the church to serve His people and expand His kingdom. We are His hands and heart.

As we prayerfully take inventory of our blessings and listen to His call for our time and treasures, please pray that we recognize that stewardship living is the way of the Cross. When we come to God with our open hands and open hearts, He does beautiful things in the lives of His people.

Check Your Mailbox for Your Stewardship Letter

All members and regular attenders will receive a letter in the mail introducing you to our annual stewardship season, which begins Sunday, October 15. The letter asks you to prayerfully consider what you will pledge to All Saints in 2018 in terms of your time, talent, and treasure. As the Spirit leads you and your family in these decisions, be sure to fill out the enclosed forms and turn them into the church before or by our Pledge Ingathering, which will be on Sunday, November 12. Remember that All Saints forms its annual budget based on these pledges, so please give these decisions your utmost consideration, and yet also keep in mind—as Kim reminds us—that these pledges represent only a portion of what it means to live lives with open hands and open hearts.

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