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June 7, 2016 | by: Wes Gristy | 0 comments

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The story of All Saints is a story of God’s provision, a story of the Holy Spirit working miracles in our midst. It was true twelve years ago; it remains true to this day. God has and continues to look with favor upon this wonderful parish.

For the past six months, the vestry has been focused on this key question: How are we to be good stewards of all these blessings? We believe that faithfulness to God’s calling upon us as a church is central to answering this question. So with ongoing feedback from you, the vestry has been working to rearticulate both the mission of the Church and how we as one particular church uniquely pursue this mission—what we’re calling our personality.

On May 11 at the parish forum, we then shared the work we’ve done so far in order to hear your thoughts. We had a great turnout that made for a very encouraging and insightful conversation.

Many of your comments revolved around making our commitment to the mission more explicit. We had spent most of our time talking about how All Saints carries out this mission—our personality— but many of you wisely wanted to hear our commitment to the mission stressed and unpacked to a further degree. What a great reaction! This was one of the main insights we gleaned from you as a vestry.

The graphic below represents the outcome of our meeting, summarizing our mission and personality so that the vestry can use this as a tool to respond to our growth in ways that will always remain faithful to God’s calling upon us.

As always, we value your continued feedback along the way, but we especially covet your prayers. Keep praying that God’s hand remains mightily upon us.

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