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May 28, 2015 | 0 comments

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Screen Shot 2015-05-28 at 1.36.01 PMWe’re thrilled to announced that David Knack has been hired to serve as All Saints’ new Assistant Student Pastor. Didn’t know that we were looking for an Assistant Student Pastor? Well, neither did we, exactly! As Fr. Brian’s role continues to grow, we’ve definitely been open to help. And then along came David, and we quickly recognized his talents and giftedness.

David graduated from Union University with a BA in Biblical Studies, Biblical Languages, and Church History in 2014. He is a very sharp young man and graduated Summa Cum Laude with a stellar GPA. When Ali Holcomb (now Ali Knack) began working as our Social Work Intern, David began to attend weekly services. Having been raised in a Baptist context, coming to an Anglican service for the first time was for David, as for many of you, a bit overwhelming. But overwhelming in a great way! Over time, David came to love our church family. And, as he grew to love the church, he sought to serve the church, asking how he could be of help.

First, we gave David the opportunity to volunteer in the youth ministry, which seemed to be a perfect fit for him. You see, David endeavors to be a fulltime minister and has experience working with young people in and around the Jackson area. The youth of All Saints embraced him immediately, and he has successfully led several Bible studies, has organized prayer groups, and, most impressively, has helped to form the new YACS praise team and to encourage its young members to more boldly proclaim the Gospel in music and song.

Then, in February, we thought we might try to give David a bit more responsibility. So we asked him to lead worship for the Family Service. David truly has a gift for leading people in the worship. Then David began to meet with and help organize a team of volunteers for the creation of our community garden. As you can see by looking out the back door of the church, things are growing!

David has also helped to organize and lead a college luncheon, where our college students were given a platform to articulate what ministry and discipleship opportunities they would like to see put in place here at All Saints. And most recently, David led our youth praise team during what was one of our best Youth Sunday Services ever.

With all of this splendid ministry going on around us, your priests looked at one another and said, “Hey! We have got to keep this guy around!” We recognize that investing in young leaders like David will be essential to the continued success of our student ministries here at All Saints. Having David on staff will help our Family Ministry be the best it can possibly be. So while we were not specifically looking for a new Assistant Student Pastor, God has seen fit to bless us with one at precisely the moment when it turns out we needed it.

David’s job description begins this way: “With the encouragement and oversight of the Rector and the Priest to Families and with the assistance of ministry volunteers, David will partner with parents in the nurturing and development of our students ages 11—22, that they might become mature followers of Jesus Christ who live out their faith in the context of this church and its overall mission.” Thank you, David, for being willing to take on this role! And thank you, church, for partnering to support him in his new ministry!

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