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Summer Suppers 2019

Simple Christian hospitality is a natural and effective way of building relationships in Christ. Our Summer Suppers will, once again, be an opportunity to practice and discover the riches of Christian hospitality.

Christian hospitality works against the isolation, busyness, and constant entertainment that our homes too often resemble. Christian hospitality is a way of loving as God loves. He reached out to and welcomed us into his eternal home through our Lord Jesus Christ. So, we reach out to others and welcome them into our home for community, joy, conversation, and life.

More than ever, due to visual entertainment, the Internet, and the iPhone, Christian hospitality can be life -changing as we share our lives with one another and with our neighbors.


Christian hospitality is different than entertaining. Christian hospitality is about engaging, not entertaining. Christian hospitality is about being vulnerable and sharing our real, and sometimes messy lives with others. You don’t have to show off your cooking skills, and certainly don’t get out your fine china. Simple food, plain and ordinary discussion, and our normal homes are the ingredients for building relationships with others.

It doesn’t matter if your home is small. It doesn’t matter if some remodeling is needed. Christian hospitality frees us from portraying perfect lives so that we can focus on the lives of others.

And don’t forget your kids. They’re key in sharing our lives with others. Don’t forget they must learn Christian hospitality as a way of life just like everyone else. That’s how I learned to open my home to others. My parents opened our home daily to neighbors, friends, and those in need. As a result, it was normal to establish my own home as a place of hospitality as well.

Be sure to sign up for a Summer Supper on Sundays in the foyer or by emailing Fr. Ross. Various opportunities will be offered over the months of June or July. These groups are for joy and for love of God and one another.