Church Planting Catalyst Team

August 3, 2018 | by: Wes Gristy | 0 comments

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The Vestry is thrilled to announce the formation and first participants of the Church Planting Catalyst Team! This team exists to help All Saints fulfill its Christian mission of planting churches by giving energy to and catalyzing church planting efforts. The team’s work will consist of prayer, study and assessment, recommendation, encouragement, and communication. Here are the members of its first class.

Chris Pope (chair)
Ali Knack
Scott Huelin
Barbara Reed
Jim Warmbrod
Carrie Whaley

This team is not asked to form the core of a future church plant, nor are these members asked to serve permanently,. as membership will rotate. We foresee in the future a Vestry member having the responsibility of leading this team.

The group will begin meeting together on August 1, and they have already decided to jumpstart their research by facilitating a Fall Pastorate called Exploring Church Planting that is open to any who would like to participate. Please be in prayer for this new team!

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